Youth Using E-Cigarettes to Smoke Marijuana

From CADCA, Nov 07, 2013
Drug type: Marijuana

As if the harmful nature of nicotine isn’t enough to concern us about e-cigarettes, NBC News reports that young people are increasingly using e-cigarettes to smoke marijuana.

Experts say more and more, people are smoking marijuana out of e-cigarettes and vapor pens – right out in the open vapor penwith little or no fear of getting caught. Rather than the traditional smoked marijuana, people are smoking the liquid and wax forms of marijuana through e-cigarettes and vapor pens.

What makes marijuana use through e-cigarettes virtually undetectable is that marijuana doesn’t emit the telltale odor when it is smoked, in liquid or wax forms, in an e-cigarette or vaporizer. What’s more, since there is no flame, it’s easy for the user to stash in a pocket right after taking a puff.

While there is no data on how many teens are using e-cigarettes or vaporizers to smoke marijuana, a recent U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention report showed that the percentage of middle and high school students who smoke e-cigarettes with nicotine and other additives in them more than doubled from 2011 to 2012. The CDC said the percentage of students who reported ever using one rose from 4.7 percent in 2011 to 10 percent in 2012. Continue reading “Youth Using E-Cigarettes to Smoke Marijuana”

Fake pot, real danger

The Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment recently issued a health warning about synthetic marijuana. Even though it can be found in safe-looking, colorful, plastic packages at local gas stations, it is not a safe substance.spice_gold_3g Synthetic marijuana is a psychoactive designer drug created by spraying natural herbs with synthetic chemicals that, when consumed, allegedly mimic the effects of cannabis.

In Colorado there have been three deaths in two months linked to the man-made substance. It is sometimes called K2, Spice, Yucatan Fire, Skunk, Moon Rocks and Fake Weed. A recent story from CNN shows one girl’s terrible outcome from smoking the drug.  The title of the story, Teen Makes Dramatic Recovery After Smoking Synthetic Marijuana, leads one to believe that she is recovered because she is going to school, yet she is in a wheel chair and is trying to re-learn basic skills including reading and writing. Synthetic marijuana is not worth the risk.

Donor recognition party for 21 for 21


One response to “Donor recognition party for 21 for 21”

Town Hall Meeting on Prescription Drug Abuse, Nov. 20

Continue reading “Town Hall Meeting on Prescription Drug Abuse, Nov. 20″

WEED: What’s up in Denver?

Local News

Denver floats new rules that could make even the odor of pot a crime

By Jeremy P. Meyer
The Denver Post

Even the smell of marijuana wafting from your backyard could be illegal if Denver City Council passes a new ordinance.

Pro-cannabis supporters line up for a free marijuana cigarette during a rally at Civic Center Park in Denver, Sept. 09, 2013. (RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post)

Pro-cannabis supporters line up for a free marijuana cigarette during a rally at Civic Center Park in Denver, Sept. 09, 2013. (RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post)

Denver officials, responding to fears that public pot consumption could become an ever-present problem in the Mile High City, will propose a set of new rules for open consumption and possession of marijuana.

The ordinance, being introduced at a committee meeting Monday in advance of the legalization of retail pot sales in January, would specifically ban marijuana from parks and the 16th Street Mall. It also would

prohibit smoking on private property if it is visible to the public, such as on a front porch or in a car, or if the odor of pot could be detected from a neighboring property. Continue reading “WEED: What’s up in Denver?”

Pulled Pork Promises to Provide for Prevention


Fall is the time for barbecue. Some people even say that every day is a good day for barbecue! Stop by Dickey’s Barbecue Pit on Tuesday, October 15th between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. for delicious food and to support Team Fort Collins. Dickey’s owners Rex Schweers and Brenda Black are promoting October 15 as a day to support local youth through alcohol and drug abuse prevention.  Ten percent of proceeds will help to underwrite Team Fort Collins’ mission to promote healthy lifestyle choices. Team Fort Collins improves our community’s health through education, mobilization and advocacy.


Supporting substance abuse prevention is valuable to our community because young people who avoid using alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs are more likely to:

  • Achieve higher grades in school
  • Attend school regularly
  • Be physically healthy
  • Have positive social relationships
  • Volunteer to support others in times of need

As the recent flooding and last year’s fires have shown, it’s critical to our community that we have engaged youth and adults who are in a strong position to be first responders, plan for the recovery and support one another.


Dickey’s is located at 2721 S College Ave  Fort Collins, CO 80525. You can eat in or get take out. To place orders in advance, call

(970) 797-2610 or order online (

Event for Parents and Kids: Ray Lozano

I saw Ray Lozano speak last year and he was EXCELLENT. More importantly, my 13 year old daughter thought he was great. Very funny and engaging.

Lozano flyer 2013

Colorado Department of Health and Environment’s Statement Re: Synthetic Marijuana

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013   k2


Mark Salley

Communications Director


Several synthetic marijuana products identified as possible source of illness

DENVER – The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s initial investigation of an outbreak of illnesses tied to use of synthetic marijuana has identified nearly a dozen product names as possible sources of the synthetic marijuana that sent dozens to hospitals beginning in August. Continue reading “Colorado Department of Health and Environment’s Statement Re: Synthetic Marijuana”

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