Walk Like MADD


The annual Walk Like MADD event for the Colorado branch of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization will take place from 7:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on August 2nd at Sloan’s Lake in Denver, Co. Team Fort Collins is happy to support this worthwhile cause, as MADD’s mission is to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime, and prevent underage drinking.

According to MADD, “Drunk driving is still the primary cause of death on our roadways.  By signing up for this event and raising funds on behalf of MADD, you are making our families and community safer.”

Team Fort Collins supports the goal of MADD to end drunk driving.  If you would like to support this cause, here is a link to help you do so: http://support.madd.org/site/TR?fr_id=3510&pg=entry#sthash.kAzkzib5.dpuf

We’d also like to send a special “thank you” to a local participant in the Walk Like MADD event, Mary-Jo Briguglio, who walks for “Kris’ Crew” at the event. To support her crew specifically, please see:  http://support.madd.org/site/TR/WalkLikeMADD/WalkLikeMADDwlm_?px=3865013&pg=personal&fr_id=3510.




Wax: Not Just Candles!


Cannabis wax in a small plastic container with uncovered butane vapor pipe alongside.                                                    Photo Credit: a katz/ Shutterstock.com


Butane Hash Oil, also known as “wax,” is a highly concentrated form of marijuana. It is made by heating  cannabis to a very high temperature with a butane torch. It also goes by the names, “shatter” and “earwax.” The method of smoking wax is called “dabbing.” The concentration of THC in wax can be as much as 80–90 percent, versus the 15–27 percent that is typical of unadulterated marijuana, according to Brian Ruden, marijuana dispensary owner in Denver, cited in a recent ABC News article . As a result those who use wax must have an extremely high tolerance to THC, as one hit is said to make a person high for more than a day.

Unfortunately, some proponents of marijuana have promoted dabbing as a healthy alternative to smoking marijuana. There is little to suggest that this would be the case. First, the manufacturing process is extremely dangerous, causing 31 house fires in Colorado as of May 6 this year, according to the Associated Press. Second, wax is often laced with butane, as a butane torch is the most common method for obtaining the high temperatures needed to transform marijuana into the waxy concentrate. Finally, the high THC potency for both suspecting and unsuspecting users has resulted in loss of consciousness, psychosis, and brain damage, according to Gary Hill, assistant special agent in charge of the San Diego DEA’s office.







A Decision Made for the Kids

no to marijuana2Yesterday, Littleton’s City Council voted to prohibit retail marijuana. Not only did the people want to prevent Littleton to become the marijuana pit stop between Denver and Pueblo, but to also limit the access to their children.

With the youth and their futures in mind, they have made a final decision. By permitting further marijuana commercialization, a message is being sent to the kids that there is nothing harmful with using it. In order to discourage our youth from consuming the highly potent marijuana being sold in Colorado today, it is important that critical boundaries are set and exposure to it is limited.

It is important to inform our youth with the facts about marijuana products being sold today before we take a risk by continuing to commercialize and promote their use and consumption. Click here for more details.

Time to Buy Groceries?

Shoppers at an outdoor produce market

The Fort Collins Food Co-Operative graciously chose Team Fort Collins as its Charity of the month in June. The Coop is a locally owned and operated full service organic grocery store carrying meat, dairy, produce and household supplies. It features a deli with freshly made sandwiches, salads and soups, as well as a catering service. The store is member-owned but everyone is welcome to shop there, although being a member provides greater discounts.

In encouraging healthy living through eating naturally-produced food, shopping at the Food Co-op aligns with Team Fort Collins’ promotion of healthy lifestyles through substance abuse prevention. A percentage of June sales benefited Team Fort Collins’ prevention programming. Please support the Food Co-op for good health and for supporting local organizations.

Horsetooth Openwater Swim

August 10, 2014 marks the date of the 15th annual Team Fort Collins Horsetooth Open Water Swim. This event attracts swimmers from across the nation and was recently voted #38 in the top 100 U.S. Open Water Swims. The event consists of a 250 yard race for 10-year-olds and younger; 1.4  and 2.4 mile races; and a 10k race, the entire length of the reservoir, for master swimmers.

Team Fort Collins Horsetooth Open Water Swim raises money to support its mission of promoting healthy lifestyles through the prevention of substance abuse. The swim participants provide healthy models of behavior for young people who are navigating lifestyle choices, as individuals who devote time to goal setting, training, and competition tend to avoid substance abuse and the risks associated with use.

Swimmers are invited to register for one of the races!   There are a variety of volunteer opportunities also available including the need for paddlers to accompany the 10K swimmers.  Registration for the  races and volunteer opportunites is now open at www.horsetoothswim.com.  Sponsorships and donations are welcome at www.teamfortcollins.org.

Second Annual Mike Fosket Memorial Golf Tournament

July 27, 2014 marks the 2nd Annual Mike Fosket Memorial Golf Tournament. The tournament commemorates the life of a local young man, Mike Fosket, and raises awareness about prescription drug abuse.

As a boy, Mike Fosket was extremely active and loved sports, particularly BMX racing. He was also an amazing photographer. Mike graduated from Poudre High School and attended Front Range Community College. An automobile accident in 2009 left him with severe pain, for which he was prescribed prescription pain medication. Mike was within his prescribed limit of pain medication when he unintentionally lost his life on August 2nd, 2012.

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Now Hiring!

Team Fort Collins is seeking a full-time Executive Director. As the organizational leader the ED is responsible for fund development and oversight, strategic planning, organizational management, public relations/advocacy, and oversight of program development and implementation.  Executive Director Job Description for complete position description. Resume, cover letter, and references accepted via email only (dawn@teamfortcollins.org). Posting closes 06/27/14.

Calling All Young Athletes!

Attend the Speed, Strength & Agility Training for Youth and Teens on June 21-22, 2014. This will be an intensive two-day training for young athletes who want to increase performance and train injury-free. It is open to both boys and girls in grades 4-12 (school year 2014-2015). The $75 registration fee includes lunch and drinks both days.

Led by Nationally Recognized speed and conditioning expert and Olympic Qualifier, Ken Minifield, who has trained both professional athletes and several local high school students who have gone on to the pros. Special guests will include Arena Pro Athletes. Location of the event: Triple Crown Sports, 3930 Automation Way in Fort Collins.

Sponsored by ASA Fitness and Team Fort Collins. Twenty percent of the proceeds will benefit Team Fort Collins and its mission to promote healthy lifestyles through substance abuse prevention. Register at http://theasafitness.net/.


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