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Define Yourself

THE DEFINE YOURSELF PROJECT is a program specifically designed to help young adults take control of their Printown lives. We’re here to help individuals like you define, find, create and move forward with their own lives on their own terms.

When obstacles present themselves in your life, and you’re forced to face decisions that may not in keeping with who you truly are, THE DEFINE YOURSELF PROJECT can help empower you to find alternate paths to handle these types of situations.

The Define Yourself Project is not a program to help you make life easier – it’s about helping you get YOU right.

We’re here to help evaluate, coach and empower you with some of the challenges you may be facing as a young adult. But more importantly, we’re here to help show you how to stay bold, stay brave, and most importantly, stay you.


There will be times in your life when you won’t know up from down, right from wrong or friend from foe.


These times, may or may not, turn your world upside down. Strangely enough, these are also the times that will truly help define who you really are.


It may not always seem like it, but difficulties and challenges are the very things that help us to grow into the people that we really want to become.

For more information about Define go to www.defineyouth.org 


Fossil Ridge High School After Prom

Fossil Ridge High School After Prom was at risk of being cancelled… Not after Team Fort Collins stepped in to SAVE AFTER PROM! And DID WE EVER!!! It is going to be an After Prom like no other! Performing at After Prom is DJ Wushu and DJ Walt White. There will also be a special performance by Fossil Ridge’s own Over The Counter. We are thrilled to announce that After Prom will Feature, direct from DECADENCE, DJ J’Adore!! Also direct from DECADENCE, sights and sounds from Rythm EFX. Tickets on sale HERE!

J'Adore Logo

After Prom


Team Fort Collins Over the Edge

Team Fort Collins has partnered with Over the Edge USA to host a very unique fundraising event for the Fort Collins area. Over the Edge participants, or Edgers, will raise money through peer to peer sponsorships to rappel off of the Oak Street Business Tower located at 315 W. Oak Street in Fort Collins. The building is owned by Blue Ocean Enterprises who generously are sponsoring this event through he use of their building which currently houses a large portion of Otterbox employees and offices. The event encourages Edgers to “go over the edge” to prevent youth substance abuse.

No climbing or rappelling experience necessary, just enough courage to go Over the Edge! Participants will rappel under the careful supervision of experts from Over the Edge. Over the Edge operates approximately one hundred events each year for organizations like the Special Olympics, Make-A-Wish, the Boy Scouts, and Shatterproof. Join “The New” TEAM Fort Collins in preventing youth substance abuse by promoting active and healthy lifestyles. This unique opportunity allows the participant to rappel to raise awareness for youth substance abuse prevention and to promote healthy lifestyles and choices among the young people in Northern Colorado. Those who wish to join us can do so with three easy automated steps:

No prior rappelling experience is necessary. We provide all the equipment and you’ll have a training session with the expert rope specialists from Over the Edge before your big moment. All participants receive photos and a souvenir event shirt. Anyone who weighs between 110 and 300 pounds may participate. Minors under 18 can join in if a parent or guardian signs their waiver.

Over the Edge is a special events company that provides signature events for non-profit organizations anywhere in North America and it is currently expanding globally. Business leaders, individuals and community members are invited to raise donations in exchange for the experience of going over the edge of a prominent building. This unique event generates front page news, raises thousands of dollars and provides participants with a truly thrilling experience. Over the Edge is responsible for all technical aspects of the event including the insurance, professional staff and rappelling equipment.  In addition, OTE provides a comprehensive Event Manual and tools to conduct a successful fund raising event. Our mission is to create a legacy with a 10 year goal to help non-profit organizations throughout North America raise $50 million dollars.




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  • New Director of Planning and Community Affairs.

    Team Fort Collins has hired Kacey Parker as its new Director of Planning and Community Affairs. Kacey is a long time Fort Collins resident and a graduate of Centennial High School.  She grew up in Fort Collins and has very close ties to the community and comes to Team Fort Collins with a very strong […]

  • From the Executive Director

    Letter from the New ED I am thrilled to be able to serve this community as the new Executive Director of Team Fort Collins. I first became exposed to Team Fort Collins as a rookie patrol officer with the Larimer County Sheriff’s office in 1997. I was assigned to the Town of Wellington and was […]

  • Beware of Zohydro ER

    Beware of Zohydro ER

    Even though a panel of experts assembled by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recommended against approval of a new prescription painkiller called Zohydro ER, the FDA approved it for use by patients with pain that requires daily, around-the-clock, long-term treatment. According to the manufacturer, Zogenix, this is the first ever pain-relief product to be composed […]

  • Attention Teen Drivers!

    Attention Teen Drivers!

    Wouldn’t it be great if your high school could have a private concert performed by The Band Perry? It’s a real possibility, and you could help make it happen. The Band Perry is teaming up with State Farm (Insurance Company) in their Celebrate My Drive program to encourage safe driving in high schools in the […]

  • Who Used the Cough Medicine??

    Who Used the Cough Medicine??

    Does your teenager ever request cough and cold medicine more frequently than you think he or she needs it? Or perhaps you get reminded to restock the cough medicine when no one in the house seems ill. These could be signs that someone in your household is using these medications to get high. Over-the-counter (OTC) […]

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